Welcome to Colored Faces!

So you can get a better idea of what’s going on here, we suggest you have a look at the FAQ below:

What is this cool site about?
This site is all about colors.
Choose your favorite to be yours alone, and express yourself through it!

What are the main features of the site?
Each color (identified by its unique six-digit ‘hex code’) can be owned by only one user at any one time. This means that, once you’ve chosen a color, it will belong to you and only to you. Your color’s position on our homepage will move around. This will happen every time someone visits your profile.

This homepage is so darn long! Does it end eventually?
Who knows? Check it out!
By the way, the greater the number of colors in use, the smaller the size of each one.

How do I get my own color?
First of all you need to sign up. It’s really quick and easy. Then go to the “Buy Color” section, choose one and make your payment. All the payment methods available are absolutely secure. Once you’ve made your payment, your color will appear on the site automatically. The whole process usually takes just a few moments.

Which colors can I choose from?
You can pick any free color from the palette. But remember that the number of colors available is limited. Each color (identified by its unique six-digit ‘hex code’) can be owned by only one user at any one time. Bag your favorite colors before someone else does!

How many colors can I own?
You can own as many colors as you like.

What is “Message”?
When you buy a color, you can share with the world a message which will be linked to this particular color. You can update your message as often as you want. Please remember that your message must comply with our Content Standards (see Terms & Conditions).

Why aren’t colors free of charge?
Smart question. Firstly, we want this site to be ad-free. Secondly, the total number of colors is limited. If colors were free of charge, someone could take them all. Not fair!
By the way, one color costs only the same as a cup of coffee.

Where will my color be positioned on the homepage?
The starting-place of your color will be randomly selected. After that, the color will change its position every time someone visits your profile. In addition, movements of neighboring colors will affect the place of your color as well. Hunt for your color each time!

I don’t see my color on the homepage. How can I find it?
You can easily spot your own color by the smiley face on it. By the way, you can use Search to find any color you want.

Can I exchange my color for another?
Nope. However, you can choose an extra one!

How long will my ownership of the color last?
You will own your color for as long as the site exists in its current format. We guarantee the rules will not be changed before 1 January 2018.

What are “Top Colors”?
Colors with the most ‘likes’ are placed there. Want your color to appear here? Share site pages, invite your friends, write cool messages and you’ll be on your way!

... and “Lucky Colors”?
100 randomly selected colors appear here. This section updates every 6 hours. Remember to check to see if you’ve struck Lucky!

What about “Fresh Colors”?
This page lists all recently bought colors. When you choose your own color, yours will appear there as well!

What is “Message Feed”?
Users’ messages are posted here. Each time you write or edit one of your messages, it appears in the Feed.

Can I delete my color or profile?
Sure you can, but … you’d be crazy to!
If you delete your color, someone else will take it. :(
If you delete your profile, all of your colors and data will be permanently deleted.

What happens next?
We’re constantly updating and new features are in the pipeline. You’ll never be bored with us!

Why am I still reading this FAQ?
No idea. What are you waiting for? Sign up now!
Or, if you are already signed up, just go on having fun with your colors!